First few steps are similar to how you add a single service entry at a time. 

Add a service entries as bulk

Step 1. Go to <Service and Maintenance> module on main menu.

Step 2. Go to <Vehicles>.

Step 3. From the sub menu tabs, choose <Service Entry>. 

Step 4. Choose the vehicle (from drop-down list) for which service entry has to be entered.

Step 5. Opt for 'Import as .xls' instead of 'Add New' link. 

Step 6. Download the sample file for service log as in the following image.

Step 7. Fill in the details from fuel invoices/bills and update odometer reading at the time of service, if you find a difference between vehicle odometer & AVLView reading. 

Step 8. Browse and upload the file once data is entered and click continue to review the columns.

Step 9. Once done, finish uploading and you could view all your uploaded data in 'Service Entry' (Service and Maintenance -> Vehicles -> Service Entry) and 'Service Log Report' (Service and Maintenance -> Reports -> Service Log).


- You may experience a marginal error of up to 2% in odometer readings.

- Currencies vary according to geography. 

- Fuel log report can be downloaded as .xls/.pdf files.

- Accuracy of report values entirely depends on the fuel log data you add.