Keeping a log on completed services, maintenance & renewals help you analyse fleet operational costs. ie., how much you spend on a vehicle to keep it running. Let's learn how to add a service entry to the system. 

Add a service entry 

Step 1. Go to <Service and Maintenance> module on main menu.

Step 2. Go to <Vehicles>.

Step 3. From the sub menu tabs, choose <Service Entry>. This can also be accessed from the 'Add New' button on all Service and Maintenance pages. 

Step 4. Choose the vehicle (from drop-down list) for which service entry has to be logged.

Step 5. Click on 'Add New' and you get a pop-up as shown below. 

Step 6. Fill in the details from service invoice/bill and update odometer reading at the time of service, if you find a difference between vehicle odometer & AVLView reading. 

Step 7. 'Save' the log. 


- You may experience a marginal error of up to 2% in odometer readings.

- Mark 'Filled up to full' if you do a full tank refill.

- Currencies vary according to geography.