Any hardware maintenance related to the mechanical perspective of a vehicle comes under periodic service, and your vehicle still needs a few essentials to run on the road even if the vehicle is fit. Say, a fitness certificate, driving license, road tax certificate, insurance etc. These are all termed as renewals. 

How to schedule a renewal reminder?

Step 1. Go to <Service and Maintenance> module on main menu.

Step 2. Go to <Vehicles>.

Step 3. From the sub menu tabs, choose <Renewal Reminders>. 

Step 4. Choose the vehicle (from drop-down list) for which renewal reminder has to be scheduled.

Step 5. Click on 'Add a Reminder' against the renewal (as showing in the following screenshot) you wish to get notified.

Step 6. Fill in the renewal details.

Step 7. Choose reminder method; Email, SMS or Both.

Step 8. Choose the time you wish to get reminded; ie., how many days before the renewal due date. 

Step 9. Save the renewal reminder. 

Learn how to add a new renewal type not in list.