Log all your fuel expenses to keep an authoritative tag on fleet operational costs. Know how much you spent on fuel for each vehicle, analyse fuel usage and get hold of those anomalies that could cost you. There are multiple ways you could add fuel bills in AVLView, let's learn how to add one fuel log at a time.

Adding fuel log from Service and Maintenance module

Step 1. Go to <Service and Maintenance> module on main menu.

Step 2. Go to <Vehicles>.

Step 3. From the sub menu tabs, choose <Fuel Entry>. This can also be accessed from the 'Add New' button on all Service and Maintenance pages. 

Step 4. Choose the vehicle (from drop-down list) for which fuel entry has to be logged.

Step 5. Click on 'Add New'  and you get a pop-up as shown below. 

Step 6 Fill in the details from fuel invoice/bill and update odometer reading at the time of fuel refill, if you find a difference between vehicle odometer & AVLView reading. 

Step 7. 'Save' the log. 


- You may experience a marginal error of up to 2% in odometer readings.

- Mark 'Filled up to full' if you do a full tank refill.

- Currencies vary according to geography.