If you're looking to find a couple of events occurred in a specific trip, 'Trip History' is what you must opt. This feature lets you view the trips made by your vehicles for a given date.

Moreover, timeline view in trip history helps you drag the slider on timeline grid to view vehicle movement on map, making it easier to find an event or get vehicle location info on a specific time, without having to run the entire playback history or trip.

How to view trip history?

Step 1. Go to <MapView> tab on main menu.

Step 2. Choose <History> as shown below.

Step 3. Go to <Trip> and choose the date for which you wish to view the history. You'll get to see all the trips made by chosen vehicle for the day along with a timeline view (highlighted in circle) that lets you scroll to view trip progress on the entire trip route on a timely basis.


- History is shown on map with a route trail & directional arrows that helps you determine where your vehicle may have headed to. 

- Stop notifications on map helps you identify the stoppages your vehicle has made on a trip. Stop notifications offer information viz. stoppage time, location, driver etc. 

- Once you complete running the history, you may save it as a route to be used as route fence for one of your vehicles in the future; this helps you limit unauthorized usage of your vehicles.

- History can be viewed for only 1 vehicle at a time.