Yes, you can share your vehicle’s location with anyone, and he doesn’t need to have an AVLView account, all he/she needs is a valid email ID. Moreover, you could specify the time for which they get tracing access to your vehicle.

Let your clients track their delivery vehicle for a while, often till the shipment is delivered. Once the time is over, the link automatically expires.

How to share vehicle location? 

Step 1. Go to the <MapView> tab on the main menu.

Step 2. From the left panel, click 'Share vehicle location' icon against the vehicle which you would like to share. 

Step 3. You'll see a popup as shown in the following image. Type in recipient's email id and then choose the time frame for which you allow him/her to track your vehicle's progress

Step 4. Once done, click 'Share,' an email with a link (URL) would be sent. On clicking the link, the receiver gets re-directed to a page where she may track the vehicle. The page would show vehicle details & driver name along with the current location. 

Step 5. The link and tracking page expires once the time frame allotted to the visitor is over. 


- You could extend or reduce the period for sharing at any time. 

- Once done, you may remove your visitor email from the records if you want.