Yes, you can monitor any number of vehicles at a time. Moreover, you could make use of various convenient filters to list vehicles; using groups, vehicle type, organizational hierarchy, running status, etc. 

Ie., Moving, Stopped, Disconnected & Out of Network

You need to keep in mind that the map zooms out automatically synchronizing with the geographical extent of the selected vehicles' locations. 

How to track multiple vehicles at a time?

Step 1. Go to <MapView> tab on the main menu. 

Step 2. Choose <Live> (if not chosen by default).

Step 3. Search for the vehicles you wish to choose by:

  • Typing vehicle name/plate number in the search box
  • Using filter to list vehicles by group/type/organization hierarchy
  • Choosing vehicles to be listed with their current status (moving, stopped, out of network & disconnected)

You could also make use of the 'Select All' checkbox to choose all the listed vehicles to be shown live on the map. 

Step 4. Select the vehicles you wish to track; you could see them on map altogether. When you want multiple vehicles a time, the map will shrink accordingly if the vehicle(s) are located far from each other.

You could switch your view to a specific vehicle from the list, by just clicking on the lock against it. 


- You may choose multiple groups/vehicle types/organizational sections to list the vehicles at the same time.


- While choosing multiple vehicles, lock button offers the convenience to switch & focus your view to a particular vehicle.

- You can track multiple vehicles live. However, you can only see vehicle history for one vehicle at a time.