“GPS tracking to be fitted on the vehicle I drive? My boss do not trust me!”

Installing GPS tracking devices can be done with or without the knowledge of drivers. They may silently sledge you, be non-cooperative and even neglect the rules you set. They may even threaten you by offering to quit the job.

Apart from the usual big brother context, GPS tracking plays a huge role in the safety and security of drivers, vehicles & assets too. Unless you intend to do covert or hidden tracking, it’s better to make your drivers aware about the benefits of GPS vehicle tracking.

Some may bring you the idea of using mobile phones for tracking instead of a GPS tracking unit, but if you think deeply, mobile phones are used for communication. And, mobile phones may offer you drivers’ locations, but not of vehicles or assets if the driver takes it along with him while he’s not driving. This data flow can easily be stopped by switching off the location services option in mobiles. By tracking mobile phones, you cannot track vehicle’s fuel consumption, engine status, mileage, odometer readings, driving behaviour and a lot more.

To add more obstacles in continuous fleet monitoring;

  • Mobile phones can be easily switched off
  • Can be easily lost
  • Can run out of battery
  • Can be misplaced and so on.

Once you gain their trust, you are fine and the benefits are endless too. Make sure that they realize, fleet automation is not just about tracking vehicles. But it helps you in many ways.

  • Get things done on time
  • Alerts management when there’s an emergency to be dealt with
  • Alerts sent on accidents
  • Easier routing & dispatching
  • Panic button for driver to alert supervisors on danger
  • Increase client response speed
  • Reduce fuel & maintenance costs

These benefits eventually enhance company’s overall productivity, increasing profits. And guess what, maybe you could even distribute a fraction of this profit as incentives for your drivers keeping them motivated & productive.