Usually, it takes around 1 hour to complete the installation procedure with no additional accessories (sensors) included. But, there are some major factors that influence the installation dates once you place an order. We always strive to get things done within 14 days from payment. However, this could vary depending on a few factors like installation location and field engineer availability. But we never say no, if no field engineers are available nearby your area, our client success team would arrange one of the engineers to be there on a convenient date at your convenient time.

If your vehicle has a complex wiring system, it will take considerably more time than the usual installation time. However, it may take 6 or more hours to complete an installation that includes fuel sensor rod. With a long, tedious yet highly prudent fuel calibration method, we offer fuel accuracy of up to 95% for heavy vehicles.

Installation that includes immobilizer or temperature sensors etc may usually get completed in 2 hours time. Once the installation process is done, field engineer makes sure that the device is updating and data is being sent from the device using GPRS enabled sim card and received in servers. Depending on your fleet size and vehicle availability, it could take up to 2-3 weeks to get the installation completed.

And yes, if you have vehicles located at different locations, GPS device installations can be done on site. However, this may or may not be scheduled on same date/time as a guaranteed time cannot be given without verifying field engineers' availability in multiple areas you preferred.