We agree, today’s smart phones are capable of GPS-enabled tracking. But each & every equipment is built for a specific purpose. Why do you still prefer to watch movies on TV when you have a laptop at home? Coz televisions are meant for that purpose and you are more comfortable watching motion pictures when on a larger screen like TV. Similarly, mobiles are meant for the purpose of communicating via voice, SMS & data.

Of course, the mobile phones in market nowadays are equipped with GPS receivers to track their location, but can it help you track your vehicle 24/7? Once you are out of the vehicle with your mobile, you absolutely have no idea about what’s happening within.

GPS tracking devices/units are specifically meant for tracking vehicles, to give you an understanding on ignition based incidents, say stoppages, trip start & end with duration, precise real time location, engine idling, fuel wastage, mileage, periodic services and many more.

Why no mobiles for vehicle tracking?

  • Mobile phones help you track people, not your vehicles/assets.

  • Mobiles can easily be found out & can be switched off immediately. With mobile, you rely on the person who is carrying the phone.

  • Moderately priced mobiles mostly comes with poor GPS receivers; ie., a phone in a car glove box will have real difficulty to report a location that would be accurate enough to be used.

  • Mobile battery lasts for less than a day when GPS (location service) is switched on, whereas a GPS device can last for up to 7 days (depends on models) and can automatically switch to energy saving sleep mode, incase of no power supply.

  • GPS Tracking devices are in-built solutions making it difficult for anyone to tamper with as it is not visible outside.

  • Mobile phones with quality GPS receivers are expensive & require a minimum monthly voice plan, a data plan plus other services.

  • GPS Tracking devices are priced effectively with a one-time cost & only require a 50 MB data plan* & SMS facility, which helps you save money.

*Depends on data record size