Well, it may sound familiar, but no worries. With AVLView, you won’t lose any data. GPS devices integrated to AVLView have their own backup storage facilities which may store up to 18,000 records.

Let’s get the context straight out here. GPRS enabled sim card you use in a GPS device is meant for the purpose of sending received data to servers which would then be turned into meaningful fleet information and shown to you with the help of a cloud-based application.

Ideal thing to do is to choose the best network operator in your vehicle’s frequently covered areas. If you still face issues with poor network coverage, we have a solution. Even if the vehicle goes out of the network coverage area, it would still be in the sight of satellites (need at least 4) and that means, the device continues to receive signals, but unable to communicate with the servers.

Inbuilt storage in GPS devices (may vary with device models)saves data as records and start sending them to servers as data packets as soon as the vehicle gets back in the coverage region.