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Alert Sound

 It would be interesting if we could have an alert sound (Bing sound?)

Didier, thanks for the suggestion. You will find this feature in the upcoming
release version 3.3.6, thanks.


Hi, I haven't seen it with the update :(

Hi Haris,

we monitor on MacBooks and Windows Laptops. On Macbook, we are using SAFARI version 7.0.4 whilst on the laptops (Windows 8) we are using Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 m

And in both environment, there is no popup or any sound :(

Both Sound is OK

Is there somewhere in the system/software where we should activate the popup/alert?



You are right. We identified the issue on the production, and this shall be fixed with the patch release
Ver., scheduled for Monday 16th June, 06:30pm GMT.  Thank you for your patience.


Ok, no worries, I'll be patient :)


Could you please let me know if the requested feature is working properly this time?


Yes it is working :) thanks


there should be sound on panic button,and it should keep buzzing ,untill u clear the alerts manually.

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